Banjo Lessons with Chris Roszell

Hey Fellow Banjo-phonists,

I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and well. 

New Availability Calendar: For some, banjo lessons may not be a top priority at this moment in time: something which I understand and respect completely. For others that are finding some newfound extra time in their schedules or just want to keep the ball rolling on their banjo journey, I just wanted to let you know that I'm still open for business and have expanded my availability (Check out the new availability calendar here).

Remote Lessons: With the recently announced Denver stay-at-home order, I will now be doing all of my lessons remotely. I have been doing remote banjo lessons for a few years now; they are still lots of fun, and nothing is lost in the learning process.

Already have an in-person lesson scheduled? Be sure to set up your lesson time at If your time isn't showing on the Lessonface calendar, just let me know. Also, if you've already pre-paid for in-person lessons, let me know and I'll refund you the appropriate amount.

Discounts: In these anxiety-riddled, isolated times, music really can be therapeutic. In other words, I really want to get ya'll playing some music while you're at home. I have set up a few discounts on Lessonface - when you are checking out, be sure to select the discount "Chris's COVID Banjo Stimulus" to get the discounted price.

Playlist of the Day: Possibly my favorite bluegrass album, Tony Rice Sings and Plays Bluegrass represents the epitomy of that straight-ahead, hard-driving bluegrass sound. JD Crowe is the banjo player, and he just crushes it on this album. Nothing fancy, but he plays the role (or rolls?!?) perfectly.


*Bluegrass enthusiasts: If you're not already listening regularly to the Bluegrass Jamming Favorites Playlist, you're missing out on the most important part of your bluegrass education. Here it is on Youtube and/or on Spotify.

*Jam class location: I'm still looking for the perfect location for my first Jam Class (once we regain some normalcy). If you have any ideas for a good (free) location that can comfortably accommodate ~8-15 students, please let me know. If you have the space in your living room,  basement, man cave, workplace, church, etc and are willing to host the class, you can take the class for free!)

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