Banjo Lessons with Chris Roszell

Hello Fellow Banjo-phonists,

New year, new licks! Here's a quick update to inject more banjo info and media into your January 2020.

Upcoming Performances: Every year, I only get a handful of chances to play locally where friends can come out and see me play. But over the next month, this is happening twice!

  • Friday, 1/17 at the Buffalo Rose in Golden: This Friday is a two-for-one kind of night - There are three bands playing, but it so happens that I'm in two of them! Come watch me play with Scott Slay and the Rail at 8:30 then with the Blue Canyon Boys at 9:30. These are two different flavors of bluegrass, so it's going to be fun playing back-to-back. Here is the link for details and tickets.
  • Saturday, 2/8 at High Street Concert in Lyons: A few months ago, the Blue Canyon Boys finished a CD we had been working on for upwards of a year. This is the official release show for that CD. We have a great young (15 years old) fiddle player, Jackson Earles, and his band opening for us, then we'll jump up and play a few sets of new music. Should be a fun night! Here is the link for details and tickets.

Playlist of the Day: One of the great banjo players on the scene right now is Noam Pikelny. I just stumbled across his "Banjo Primer" playlist on Spotify that may open your eyes to some of the many different flavors of banjo out there. Check it out!


*Last month's playlist: A few of you pointed out that I botched the link to the Bluegrass Jamming Favorites Playlist in my last newsletter. These songs are the foundations of the bluegrass repetoire, so check them out!

*Jam class location: I'm still looking for the perfect location for my first Jam Class. If you have any ideas for a good (free) location that can comfortably accommodate ~15 students, please let me know. If you have the space in your home and are willing to host the class, you can take the class for free!)

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