Banjo Lessons with Chris Roszell

Hello Fellow Banjo-thusiasts,

Let the jams commence! - Local, in-person lessons will resume June 1. We'll be careful to adhere to social distancing guidelines and will take care to keep the lesson space germ-free. If you're still apprehensive about meeting in-person, it's not a problem to continue lessons online. *Important note - scheduling and billing will still be handled through Lessonface, even if the lesson is in-person.

Discount update - My Lessonface COVID discount will expire after June 1. I do, however, encourage anyone to take advantage of the loophole - any lessons purchased before June 1 will be at the discounted rate, so load up while you can.

Reviews! - After each lesson, Lessonface prompts you to review that lesson. Every 5-star review is incredibly valuable to me and helps new students to find me, so please take a moment to click 5 stars after each lesson. Previous 5-star reviews helped me to become the 2019 Lessonface Banjo Teacher of the Year, and I'm hoping to repeat for 2020!

An occasional written review is also helpful for people trying to get a feel for my teaching style. If you happen to find a spare minute for a written review on Lessonface, please also consider copying that review to my Google page as well.

DIY 5th String Capo Tip - Thanks to everyone who helped me stumble on this gem: DIY 5th String CapoThis removes a HUGE roadblock for beginning pickers.

Some Listening - Shelter-in-place spawned a few interesting projects for me. Here is some music that I contributed to over the past couple months. It's a smorgasbord. Enjoy!


*Bluegrass enthusiasts: If you're not already listening regularly to the Bluegrass Jamming Favorites Playlist, you're missing out on the most important part of your bluegrass education. Here it is on Youtube and/or on Spotify.

*Jam class location: I'm still looking for the perfect location for my first Jam Class (once we regain some normalcy). If you have any ideas for a good (free) location that can comfortably accommodate ~8-15 students, please let me know. If you have the space in your living room, basement, man cave, workplace, church, etc and are willing to host the class, you can take the class for free!)

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